Carnaval De Panama


The Carnival in Panama, called beaner celebrations of King Momo, are celebrated for four consecutive days before Ash Wednesday. This feast of Panama ends Tuesday night with the burial of the sardine.

The Panamanian Carnival festivities begin in the morning with “majaderas” or “culecos” that are made in public or private places trucks that spray river water during the day and part of the afternoon, accompanied by popular music, then on the night there are the parades themselves queens wearing carnival costumes aboard floats accompanied by parades and tunas, parallel to these activities are performed in mobile discos dance festivals, squares and avenues. In 2010 it celebrated 100 years of Carnival in the Capital City.

Carnival queens neighborhoods are the representatives of opposites (Calle Arriba and Calle Abajo) and during the parade accompanied by a crowd of people (tunas) which show signs of rivalry as part of the celebration and popular tradition. Each Tuna comes with two cars, the first full of ladies and the second where is the queen and her princesses. Whenever your queen will come out, shoot fireworks, also shot during the ride to the queen. During the five nights are given a series of threads in connection with a special feature:


• On Friday outgoing queen out on a new car, like a carnival night, then proceed to the coronation of Queen recess in the base of each pear.

• On Saturday night, the queen comes out with a costume.

• The Sunday night out with the coronation dress and their cars are adorned with crown issue.

• Monday is the busiest day luxury. It comes out with a giant costume and treated it more gala day.

• The Tuesday night was out first walk with tuna and drum box and then walk with murga (like all previous days) with the national dress, the skirt, and an item on a fantasy story that emerged from the national , literature, flora, fauna and indigenous mythology.

The culecos are in disguise, following the characteristic that Monday is the day of most fantasy and Tuesday of national fantasy. At about 5 in the morning of Ash Wednesday, begins “the Topon”, which is nothing more than burning rockets in the park area and walk tuna with queen on skirt, to indicate: Triumph, completion Carnival and to measure forces between the tunas.


On Friday and Saturday following Carnival these days are made that are considered Heines Derek village festivals and carnivals that come many tourists from home and abroad. The Friday night using a dress and crown. On Saturday there is a culeco with costume and evening is a walk in disguise (one single car at night). Generally carnavalito Carnival refused something.


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